The benefits of the Plains Road Village Vision are becoming increasingly apparent and will grow over time.

Creating Community

The most obvious has simply been the appearance of the street. Think about the recent landscaping projects: the trellis and sitting area at the corner of Plains and Waterdown Road, the beautiful landscaping in front of the Village West development (formerly Canadian Tire) and the new historic photo displays on utility boxes.

Complimenting these improvements, the PRVV worked with the City to make changes to the sign bylaw reducing the number of big, mobile signs on Plains Road.

Mixed Land Use to Shop, Live and Connect

Then there are the new buildings! We see attractive architecture at the new JAZZ building , the Dovercourt condominium, the Burlington Public Library’s Aldershot branch, Mosaic townhomes, Shoppers Drug Mart, McDonalds, the LaSalle Park Retirement Community, and others.  These new buildings are closer to the street creating a sense of place for pedestrians and minimizing the sea of parking lots that used to separate people from the front doors. These new buildings are based on “Urban Design Guidelines” established by the City of Burlington with the support and encouragement of the PRVV.

The slowly increasing population on Plains Road, encouraged by the PRVV, is driving the local economy. The ESSO gas station on LaSalle Park Road would not have been built were it not for the growing number of people living in the area. These new customers are creating a demand for more and better retail services. As a result thousands of square feet of new commercial space is in the planning stages. To support the idea of improved retail services the PRVV created the Aldershot Village Business Improvement Area (BIA).

Improving Safety

Traffic continues to be a challenge. The PRVV and the Plains Road Functional Design Analysis called for more and better north / south crosswalks to improve the pedestrian experience. As a result, in recent years, three new formal crosswalks have been installed on Plains Road. These are are Cooke Blvd, St. Matthew’s Avenue, and Falcon Boulevard.


Being Active and Healthy

To support the idea of increased pedestrian and cycling activity on Plains Road the PRVV is working with the City on a plan to widen the bike lanes and sidewalks over the next decade or so. In addition, better north/south crosswalks are on the drawing board. We want to make it easier for people to get places without using their cars. It’s the healthy way to go!