Two primary factors will influence the next phase of the Plains Road Village Vision.  These are: population growth and physical improvements to the roadway itself.


Plains Road has been “discovered” by people living outside of Aldershot. They love what they see. They want to move to Aldershot. This fact has started to drive up the demand for housing.  In response, developers are targeting old, underdeveloped and aging buildings along Plains Road. They want to build housing and stores on these sites.  The PRVV welcomes new buildings and shops as long as they are consistent with the Urban Design Guidelines.  We also welcome the increased population which will support our stores, services and churches.

With the PRVV support of the City of Burlington’s Functional Design Analysis, Plains Road has benefited from millions of dollars of improvements.  These include reconstruction of Plains from King to Francis, resurfacing of large sections of the road, rebuilding the intersection at Plains and Waterdown Road, wider bike lanes, improved sidewalks and more crosswalks. Plains Road has definitely transformed from a highway that divided our community to a ribbon that ties Aldershot together.

The PRVV worked with the City to establish Urban Design Guidelines to ensure new development along Plains Road continues to meet our expectations.  Note:  once linked to the Guidelines, for horizontal view right click and select “rotate clockwise”.