People Really Like What’s Happening…

“There has been much progress made in transitioning Plains Road from a traditional suburban highway, into the urban main street that it is today.  The Plains Road Village Vision is a great example of neighbours, business and organizations working together to create complete, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods.”      

Mayor Rick Goldring


 “As a business owner and longtime resident in Aldershot, I am extremely excited and pleased with the current level of development along Plains Rd.  There is still much work to be done but finally we are seeing the progress that the Aldershot area has needed to become a more complete community in which to live, work and play.”      

 Kelvin Galbraith, President , The Fitness Firm


“I applaud the efforts of PRVV and BIA to improve Plains Road. Aesthetically, it has improved significantly with new live/work developments,  the library and retirement residence. It is no longer in decline and the quality of new buildings and businesses are contributing to a sense of community and quality of life.

Elaine Holding, Aldershot Resident


The road is looking better all the time.  I love the fact that new construction has brought buildings to the curb at Waterdown Rd.  Congratulations to the PRVV, proof that citizens can impact policy.”

Sheila Slattery-Ford, Coordinator, Aldershot Hub


“The new housing in Aldershot will bring along doctors, dentists, stores and restaurants. Exciting times!”

Joe Thomas, Citizen, Ward 1


“Change is inevitable to meet the needs and wants of an evolving community, and to instill a sense of pride in our neighbourhood. Plains Road has come a long way from the decline and neglect of just a decade ago – let’s continue to build on that progress!”   

Louise Cooke, Aldershot Resident and PRVV Member


“We are seeing more and more success stories as Plains Road is being transformed into the dream we all have for Aldershot”

Linda Cupido, Aldershot Resident


“The face of Aldershot and specifically the Plains Road corridor have substantially changed over the last few years! The improvements are timely and done in an exemplary way. The improvements are just the start of more to come and makes me proud to live in Aldershot.”  

Paul Hammond, Aldershot Resident


“I believe that the revitalization of Plains Road will assist in the regeneration of Aldershot.  I see a renewed and invigorating attitude developing in the area.”

Taras Moskal, Co-Chair PRVV


“City staff are very excited by the ongoing transformation of the Plains Road Corridor. We can sense and see the growing momentum of change.” 

Tom Eichenbaum