PRVV can rightly claim success on a number of initiatives, both big and small. Here are a few examples:

Before and After

Aldershot Library

Before: 2010
Aldershot Library - Before

After:  2012
Aldershot Library - After (Oct 2012)

Esso Station
Before:  2010
Esso Station - Before (Macs Milk - March 2010)
After:  2012
Esso Station - After
Shoppers Drug Mart
Before:  2010
After:  2012
Shoppers Drug Mart - After (2013)
Signal Box (Shadeland and Plains)
Before:  Winter 2014
Signal Box - Before
After:  Summer 2014
Signal Box Cover (2) - After - June 2014
Signal Box (King and Plains)

After: Summer 2014

Gateway Sign
Before: 2013
Aldershot - New Gateway Sign - no people
Before: 2004
MacDonalds - Before - 2004
After: 2014
MacDonalds - After
Plains Road Bistro
Before: 2004
Westplains Bistro - Before
After: 2014
West Plains Bistro - After
Medical Building
Before: 2004
Medical Building - Before
After: 2014
Medical Building - After
LaSalle Park
Before: 2010
LaSalle Tower Site - Before
After: 2014
LaSalle Park - After
181 Brownstones at Plains
Before: 2004
181 Brownstones Mercedes Benz - Before - 2004
After: 2014
181 Brownstones - rendering (2014)



Demonstration Garden Project”

The PRVV worked with the City and raised $100,000 to build the garden in front of the TD Bank at Plains And King Roads. This was  an attempt to send a signal to builders and developers that a higher standard of landscaping and architecture would be required along our main street in the future.


 Maplehurst School Project

In cooperation with the City and the Board of Education approximately $400,000 in cash and in-kind donations was raised to spruce up the area in front of this iconic school. The work included new pedestrian scale street lighting, flood lights on the school façade, a new sign in front of the school, dressed up sidewalks, an improved crosswalk and planted median on the Road. This project served to build our momentum and engage the community in many ways.

Maplehurst School bench_MG_5750

 Street BIA signs

With the support of the Aldershot Village B.I.A. and the City of Burlington new and improved street signs were placed at all intersections along Plains Road identifying the “Aldershot Village” brand.

new signs in aldershot aug 7, 2012[1]_MG_5766Plains Rd.July1212 010Picture20

 Enhanced Entrance at RBG

The PRVV supported this City and Regional initiative to create a new and spectacular entrance to Canada’s Royal Botanical Gardens on Plains Road . This $300,000 project significantly improved the appearance of Plains Road in the west end.


 New Library

Studies showed that a civic presence was necessary to attract pedestrian activity and energy to the Plains Road corridor. The PRVV lobbied successfully for the expansion and relocation of the Aldershot Branch library to its new site.  Immediately after the new branch opened membership increased substantially.

_MG_5461 - Version 2_MG_5427_MG_5499_MG_5705

 Mobile Signs

Working with the City and the B.I.A. the PRVV helped craft a new sign bylaw for Plains Road. The result has been reduced use of large mobile signs by merchants, thus improving the appearance of the main street.

Dressed Up Medians in Front of IKEA

When the PRVV learned of the Province’s intention to fix the road and highway ramps in front of IKEA we asked the City to lobby the MTO to build the planted medians in the middle of the road. The result is an attractive  new entranceway to Aldershot’s east end.

Pedestrian Study

Working with staff from the the City of Burlington, Region of Halton’s Health Department and the B.I.A.  we supported a “walkON” study and workshop on how to make Plains Road more “walkable”. As a result we received an award from Green Communities Canada “in recognition of work to improve walkability and foster a culture of walking”.

Maplehurst School Crossing