Mobility Hub

September 22, 2017 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Infrastructure, Planned by Heather Mace

About 80 people attended the recent public meeting in Aldershot to discuss future development around the GO Station. (This is long term planning.) The Aldershot “mobility hub” will be the subject of major intensification in the future. The City envisions a significant mixed use neighbourhood with a variety of housing types, retail and employment opportunities. The meeting focused on two theoretical models which received public feedback. Staff are expected to return to Aldershot in a few months with their recommended “preferred” model.
To view the Draft Mobility Hub Concepts, Workshop Questions and Public Viewing Boards, visit the Aldershot Mobility Hub web page.

Highway Study

May 19, 2017 in Frontpage, Infrastructure by Heather Mace

The Provincial government has launched a study of the QEW and Highway 403 Freeman Interchange. This study will extend west along the 403 past Waterdown Road. The study leader acknowledges that the 403 in this area is congested. Consequently the study may come up with some short and/or long term ideas on how to resolve the problem (i.e. adding an HOV lane). The study will take a full year and will include at least two public meetings. There has been a long standing problem with Hamilton traffic using Plains Road instead of the 403. Hopefully this study will offer some solutions.

Mobility Hub Public Meeting

April 25, 2017 in Infrastructure, Meetings, Mobility Hub, Planned by Heather Mace

The City is developing detailed plans for the “mobility hubs” around the Go Stations (see full article at left). To this end, the City will host a public meeting about the Aldershot mobility hub on Saturday, May 13, from 10:30 am to 12:30 at East Plains United Church, 375 Plains Rd. E. This workshop will be lead by City staff and external planning consultants.

New Official Plan

April 25, 2017 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Infrastructure, Meetings, Mobility Hub, Planned by Heather Mace

The City has finally released a draft of its proposed new Official Plan. This has been years in the making and is now open to public input and reaction before final consideration in the fall.
To view the proposed new Official Plan go to: available online.
Fundamental to the new plan is our continued protection of rural areas in the north. Future growth will therefore be directed to the south mainly around GO Stations, along main streets (like Plains Road) and at existing commercial plazas which are subject to redevelopment. The plan also protects much of our “employment” land in order to preserve opportunities for future jobs.
In conjunction with the proposed new Official Plan the City is proposing a new Transportation Policy which places the emphasis on pedestrian activity, cycling and public transit.
Simultaneously, the City will host a series of public meetings.  Watch for upcoming dates and times.
Of particular interest:
Proposal for changing the current “Medium Density” designation on the south side of Plains Road from Clearview to Filmandale to an “Urban Corridor” designation. This would permit intensification up to 6 storeys, consistent with the rest of Plains Road.

Bell Canada at Plains and Waterdown

December 20, 2016 in Infrastructure by Heather Mace

A frequent question:  Why is a Bell Canada maintenance vehicle allowed to block the intersection of Plains and Waterdown Road?  As a result of last year’s widening of this intersection Bell needs to adjust its equipment in the adjacent underground duct. The photo shows some of the underground wiring in this area. City officials have spoken with Bell and requested that they keep the crosswalk at the lights clear and where possible, that this work be done off rush hour times.

Plains Road Resurfacing

December 19, 2016 in Infrastructure by Heather Mace

Since the completion of the road work on Plains Road between Francis and Shadeland, the City has been asked when the remainder of Plains Road will be resurfaced. Aldershot roads must compete for available dollars with all the other streets in the City. Staff prepare an annual list that rates each street according to need and priority. Based on this analysis, Plains Road from Shadeland to Spring Gardens Road is scheduled for resurfacing in 2020.