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Who We Are

Aldershot’s Plains Road Village Vision is a community based project aimed at revitalizing Plains Road. The main goal is to successfully convert what was an old highway into an attractive main street.

Started by a group of citizens in the late 90’s, the Vision has since gathered momentum and supporters. Many partners have joined the effort including: the City of Burlington, the Region of Halton, the Aldershot Village Business Improvement Area, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Partnering Aldershot, private sector investors, and more.

The Vision for Plains Road

The Vision calls for constant improvement along the entire corridor including: attractive new architecture, enhanced landscaping, more and better retail services and a variety of transportation options such as proper bike lanes, wider sidewalks and more buses.  Fundamental to all this is the critically important desire to have more people living along Plains Road, within walking distance of the amenities. More people means more vitality, more activity and more excitement on the street.

The PRVV wants Aldershot’s main street to serve as our community living room where people can walk, shop, meet and have fun. It shouldn’t be just about moving cars. A healthy main street ties a community together.

The PRVV feels it has made substantial progress in the past decade but is keenly aware that we still have a long way to go. We need everyone’s support.