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Esso Gas Station

July 20, 2017 in Frontpage, Planned

The proposed development of a new gas station, Tim Hortons drive through and variety store at 1134 Plains Road, West (near the RBG) has passed an important hurdle. Recently Conservation Halton gave its approval for the project. The applicant still needs to satisfy the Region of Halton’s regulations and receive site plan approval from the City.

Next Door Social Space

May 19, 2017 in Frontpage, Miscellaneous

Mayor Goldring and Councillor Craven had a great opportunity recently to visit the Next Door Social Space on Plains Road. This terrific community service agency hosts a variety of programs including a bike repair and give-a-way service, community kitchen, employment assistance and other services. It is sponsored by Forestview Church.

Highway Study

May 19, 2017 in Frontpage, Infrastructure

The Provincial government has launched a study of the QEW and Highway 403 Freeman Interchange. This study will extend west along the 403 past Waterdown Road. The study leader acknowledges that the 403 in this area is congested. Consequently the study may come up with some short and/or long term ideas on how to resolve the problem (i.e. adding an HOV lane). The study will take a full year and will include at least two public meetings. There has been a long standing problem with Hamilton traffic using Plains Road instead of the 403. Hopefully this study will offer some solutions.

Mobility Hub Study Starts

May 19, 2017 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Meetings, Mobility Hub

On Saturday, May 13th, City staff hosted a public meeting in Aldershot to begin the discussion about the neighbourhood around the GO Station, otherwise known as the “Mobility Hub“. As part of the “GROW BOLD” strategy, the City is targeting the Aldershot GO station (and the other GO stations in the City) for major growth. Each Mobility Hub requires its own individual plan. The public was given an overview of the big planning picture and then asked to vote and comment on various features of the neighbourhood. The Mobility Hub is expected to eventually become a significant mixed use neighbourhood featuring apartments, condos, townhouses, stores and employment areas. Staff will return to Aldershot in September with more ideas as the Mobility Hub Plan evolves. For further information check or write to:

Official Plan Public Meeting re: Plains Road South Land Use

May 19, 2017 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Meetings, Planned

The City is proposing to re-designate the south side of Plains Road (from Clearview to Filmandale), from its current “Medium Density” designation to an “Urban Corridor” designation. This is part of  the current Official Plan Review. If the change becomes part of the new Official Plan it would eventually permit intensification up to 6 storeys, consistent with the rest of Plains Road. There are mixed views on this idea. Consequently, the City will host a public meeting to hear your opinion. The meeting will be held on Monday, June 5, starting at 6:30 at St. Matthew’s Church.

For more information on the Official Plan check out:

New Official Plan

April 25, 2017 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Infrastructure, Meetings, Mobility Hub, Planned

The City has finally released a draft of its proposed new Official Plan. This has been years in the making and is now open to public input and reaction before final consideration in the fall.
To view the proposed new Official Plan go to: available online.
Fundamental to the new plan is our continued protection of rural areas in the north. Future growth will therefore be directed to the south mainly around GO Stations, along main streets (like Plains Road) and at existing commercial plazas which are subject to redevelopment. The plan also protects much of our “employment” land in order to preserve opportunities for future jobs.
In conjunction with the proposed new Official Plan the City is proposing a new Transportation Policy which places the emphasis on pedestrian activity, cycling and public transit.
Simultaneously, the City will host a series of public meetings.  Watch for upcoming dates and times.
Of particular interest:
Proposal for changing the current “Medium Density” designation on the south side of Plains Road from Clearview to Filmandale to an “Urban Corridor” designation. This would permit intensification up to 6 storeys, consistent with the rest of Plains Road.

KaBOOM is coming!

March 21, 2017 in Frontpage, Planned

KaBOOM is an American non-profit organization dedicated to the goal of ensuring that all children have access to healthy opportunities to play. KaBOOM has built over 15,000 playgrounds in the U.S. and Toronto. Now, KaBOOM has chosen Aldershot! KaBOOM has approached the City for permission to install new playground equipment in Bolus Gardens Parkette at the corner of Francis and Plains Road. KaBOOM and its funding partner will pay most of the cost. This is a very exciting opportunity and will involve a significant number of volunteers to take full advantage of the plan. KaBOOM wants to involve children in the design of the new play equipment and will work with a team of community members to plan a “Build Week”, which anticipates up to 200 volunteers assembling the new playground on August 14. Many details will follow. Stay tuned…..


Mobility Hub and Aldershot GO Station

January 27, 2017 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Mobility Hub, Planned

Metrolinx has a plan to eventually expand the parking lot at the Aldershot GO Station but in a report to Council the City’s Planning staff argue that this is not the way to go. Staff say that Burlington is trying to create Mobility Hubs around the GO stations “to achieve increased densities in line with the proposed Growth Plan…..for daily activity and not simply departure points”. “Extensive and free parking at GO stations generates considerable peak hour traffic which will hinder Burlington’s ability to successfully develop effective Mobility Hubs”.
“GO Rail Station parking supply and parking lot expansions are contradictory to supporting Growth Plan transit-oriented development and to supporting the Mobility Hubs vision”.
Essentially this means the City prefers that people walk, cycle, bike or bus to the GO station and leave their cars at home. This could be achieved through a build up of homes (condos and apartments) around the GO station instead of using the land for more parking lots. The staff’s recommendations will be forwarded to Metrolinx for consideration. In the meantime, the City is moving ahead with detailed plans for each of the Mobility Hubs (GO Stations) including Aldershot. These should be completed within two years.

“Ivy” Construction Starts

December 20, 2016 in Frontpage, In Progress

Following the City’s approval of minor variances at 405 Plains Road East, development at tJaggard - renderinghe former Jaggard’s Florist site has begun.  This plan calls for construction of a three storey mixed-use building at the front of the property including a retail store on the first floor and three residential units above. Behind the store will be two stand-alone buildings of 22 residential “stacked townhouses”, including 48 parking spaces and an amenity area. The same builder redeveloped “Village West”  in West Aldershot.


35 Plains Road East “Breeze”

November 17, 2016 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Meetings, Planned

A public meeting was held at City Hall recently to discuss this proposal. Only one member of the public spoke at the meeting and expressed a variety of concerns about the development. Council members also had a number of inquiries but these related mainly to the building’s parking plan. 
The developer would like to construct an 8 storey building at the northwest corner of Plains Road East and Cooke Blvd. It would include 80 condominiums plus 3,000 square feet of commercial space on the first floor. Access to the property would be off Cooke Blvd. There would be two levels of underground parking with 78 spaces. Above ground there will be 13 parking spaces for the public. The primary reason for the public meeting was to discuss the required amendment to the official plan to permit the 8 storeys. Only six are currently allowed. 

Nuisance signs

September 14, 2016 in Frontpage, Miscellaneous

The City has a new program to fight against unsightly and illegal signage on City Streets. This is a particular problem along the Plains Road corridor. Often these signs can be found on utility poles and public boulevards. Now, you can report this clutter via the online service You can upload a picture of the sign with your report and use the interactive map to follow the progress of your request. Signs that are illegal will be removed. You can use the same site to report potholes, broken traffic signs, street light problems, graffiti and coyote sightings.

Affinity Condos Approved

September 14, 2016 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Planned

The City’s Planning Department has given final site plan approval for the new “Affinity” Development on Plains Road East. A building permit is expected to be issued soon. The development is located at the sites of the former Foo Ho restaurant and Bell Motel. It will include two 6-storey buildings with 178 condominiums. Affinity recently completed construction of a sales office on the site.

Planted Medians

August 21, 2016 in Aldershot's Vision, Frontpage, Planned

The City has received calls asking why the new medians on Plains Road East were filled with concrete rather than gardens. Gardens, of course, would compliment our Plains Road Village Vision. Traffic in this area however is quite active and it is too dangerous for staff to service gardens in the middle of the road. Instead, we are looking at more year round streetscaping along these medians, which we hope to report on later this year. We are also planning to “dress up” the south side of Plains Road near the intersection with a new seating area and will plant more trees along the boulevards between King and Francis.

Marking Our History

July 18, 2016 in Frontpage, Success Stories - Current

Have you noticed the latest “wrap-around” on Plains Road? It’s on the south side of Plains at Howard Road, in front of the Drewlo apartment buildings. The wrap-around covers a utility box with historic photographs from west Aldershot. This is part of a program supported by the Aldershot Community Honour Roll and aims at celebrating Aldershot’s history while improving the look of our main street. Other wrap-arounds may be seen at Shadeland, King and Francis Roads. Special thanks to David Craig for his photos  and art work.


The Intensification Framework

July 18, 2016 in Frontpage, Planned

A committee of Burlington City Council has endorsed policy directions to guide  the growth of the City over the next twenty-five years. Fundamental to these directions is the principle of intensification. The report says that “intensification is to “BOLD” not incremental. The growth and intensification will be accommodated in four key areas; downtown, along major transit routes (like Plains Road) at transportation areas (like the Aldershot GO Station) and in employment zones. The report refers to these areas as “The Intensification Framework”. These areas are “expected to accommodate the majority of the city’s intensification and forecasted growth to 2031 and beyond.” These areas are to become “compact, transit supportive, pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods”.
In a companion document, it is proposed that specific plans be prepared, over the next three years, to stimulate significant mixed use development around all the GO Stations. This, in conjunction with the Metrolinx plan to improve GO service.
The hope is, that by directing the majority of the City’s future growth to areas outlined in the “Intensification Framework”, existing established low density neighbourhoods may be protected from significant development and instead change “gently” over time.
All these policy directions are part of the overall Official Plan review and remain subject to community input over the next few months. They should not however come as a surprise to Aldershot residents as the City has been speaking to the subject of intensification for many years.
NOTE: During the committee debate it was noted that the draft maps suggest that the “Intensification Framework” includes the south side of Plains Road from Clearview to Filmandale. As you may know there has been an ongoing debate over whether this area should be upgraded from its existing two-storey height limit. Staff responded that “yes, we are looking for increased development in this area”, although this remains subject to further detailed discussion.

New Redevelopment Proposal

April 15, 2016 in Frontpage, Planned

92 Plains Road EastThe city has received an application for redevelopment of the property at 92 Plains East (between Birchwood and Glenwood). The proposal is to remove the existing small home and replace it with a four storey “mixed-use” building including 24 apartments and about 3,000 square feet of office space on the first floor. We understand that this proposal will require both an official plan amendment and a zoning change. At the appropriate time we will host a neighbourhood public meeting about the application. The overall zoning in this neighbourhood is currently under review as part of the City’s ongoing Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw review.

Public Art Winner: “Crescendo” (Rising Wave)

January 8, 2016 in Art in Aldershot, Frontpage, In Progress

Jazz - Art finalist - official renderingThe City of Burlington’s Public Art Program has selected a design proposal entitled “Crescendo” (Rising Wave) for the new patio area on the north east corner of Plains Road and Waterdown Road. The artist, Lilly Otasevic says “The sculpture’s converging and diverging shape represents a hub of activity in the community. These characteristics serve to represent a contemporary as well as an historical context to Aldershot Village. The wave shape reflects the connection to the bay, water as an essential vehicle for the initial progress of this community and ultimately the connection to Brown’s wharf where it all began”. Installation of this piece of public art will take place in 2017. More than $65,000 was raised for the project in a joint effort between the City, Branthaven Homes, the Plains Road Village Vision group and individual donors.